Producer || Sound Engineer || Modular Synthesist || Audio Coder

Cherif Hashizume is a producer, songwriter and an innovator. Rarely treading the path of least resistance his composition and production work has taken him into the world of VR, interactive installations and machine learning to create completely original works both in sound and in process.

With his background, as lead engineer and co-conspirator to critically acclaimed producer and artist Jon Hopkins for the last 10 years, Cherif has learnt from one of electronic music’s most revered protagonists, working with some of the most innovative artists in the world including David Byrne , Brian Eno , King Creosote and PVT amongst many others.

Now beginning to take a step into the spotlight himself, Hashizume recently stepped up to mix Hopkins’ forthcoming album “Singularity” , the first single from which, “Emerald Rush” was recently named Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record in the World”.

Away from his work with Jon, Cherif is a serial collaborator, most notably co-producing the other-wordly electronica of Anil Sebastian ’s debut album “Mesonoxian” , which Line of Best Fit called “a gorgeous listen from start to end”. He also co-writes and produces ethereal soundscapes in his collaborative project Hrim with Sebastian and Icelandic siren Ösp Eldjárn and produced the aforementioned Eldjárn’s debut album “ Tales from a Poplar Tree” , nominated for the Icelandic Folk Music Award in 2018.

This looks set to be a key year in Cherif’s “coming out” process, with two releases to his name already in 2018; Jon Hopkins ’ single “Emerald Rush” and grime-tinged album “Red, White & Zero” by East Man , released on Planet Mu in February. Meanwhile, his work in other mediums continues to impress with “Talking Life”, his collaboration in interactive sound-design with actor and writer Susanna Howard , being shown around the country and a mixed-medium durational performance piece in collaboration with performance artist Bean , in which music is warped and slowly destroyed by a single performers movement, premiered at Folkestone Profound Sound Festival in February.

Cherif’s recent work and extended history demonstrates that he is much more than just a producer and songwriter, shackled behind a computer or mixing desk. His work spans mediums, space and format and whilst he has shown an aptitude for writing, producing and mixing music from the most concise pop-structures to the most ethereal and obscure, one thing remains consistent across his work, Cherif Hashizume is an innovator bound only by his own extensive imagination.